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The Process: Part One

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Bible Study: The Process || Preparation Season- Part 1

Did you know that God has called you for a certain assignment? There is a process that we all must go through to be prepared to walk in our purpose. Sometimes this preparation season can be a challenging time. Often times when we experience these hard places we tend to think it’s just something that we are going through without considering if there could be something we should be doing or learning during these times. What if your challenging times were preparing you for your purpose?

Decoding childhood life Events

The (Call) for David for his Assignment

David was a young shepherd boy who was overlooked and not taken very seriously. (1 Samual 17:29) Even when God told Samual to anoint one of Jesses sons, out of 8 children, Jesse called all 7 before David. (1 Samual 16:10-12) 

Despite how others may have views David he had been in training the whole time. Being the shepherd boy was Davids’s preparation season where he was being equipped to face Goliath. This Giant would have to be defeated by someone who was extremely strong. David was just a young boy but he was strong. (1 Samual 17:36)  

Your Life Prepares you for your Assignment

Many times the people who know us most have a hard time seeing us as God does. David was the youngest child and no one thought he could defeat the Giant that everyone was afraid to go against. What if your assignment could be decoded by looking back over some key areas of your life?

The Dream

Many dreams have come packaged in a challenge or a hard time. Even when Joseph told his dream it caused his brothers to become angry. (Genesis 37:5) Eventually, his brothers sold him into slavery as a young boy because of his dreams and favor he had with his father. Joseph didn’t ask to have dreams, to have favor with his father, or to be sold into slavery. But God used it all to prepare Joseph to become the person he was suppose to be.

4 Benefits we gain in “The Process” of our preparation season:

  1. Gain Courage
  2. The ability to: Manage
  3. Strength 
  4. Faith

Many times the process of understanding our Purpose begins early in life. Oftentimes we can simply look over our lives and find clues. Our life, even past events are key to discovering our purpose. A great way to find clues is to look at the good and bad. Let’s take a look at some ways you can find those keys.

Questions to ask yourself 

If you could help and make the world a better place HOW would you help? WHO would you help? WHY would you ( Think of some the ways you wish you were helped or could help)

1. 2 Questions to ask (What do you hate in the world?) (And what do you love?)

2. What is something that you always did naturally, that others recognized that you were good at? (Ideas: Cooking, Nurturing, Cleaning, Tending to animals, Giving advice)

3. If failure was not an option what dream would you pursue? (Starting your own business, teaching kids, teaching swim lessons, breeding animals)

In Closing

Just like the heroes of the bible, God has also placed you in a certain environment and given you a task to Stewart to prepare you for your assignment. What do you need to learn this season about your purpose, assignment, and season?

Whatever season of life we’re in one thing is for certain, we all face challenging times that are preparing us and community is a great way to stay encouraged and be inspired.

Join my “Women’s Purpose Tribe” Facebook Community with other like-minded women who are actively pursuing their purpose also: www.facebook.com/womenspurposetribe. Also, be sure to check out our Single And Empowered Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/singleandempowered.


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