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The Preparation Process

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We all have things we want to accomplish in life. There are things we plan to do that we have high hopes that is possible for us. But when the journey of the thing we want to do starts to get a little rocky we begin to rethink our original plans. And the bumpier the journey is, the more we begin to doubt. What happens when you want to accomplish something but the journey seems too hard to do? It’s one thing to start a journey that is smooth from bumps that don’t have a lot of turns or pit stops but how do you handle it when those challenges do arise?

You see we all want the dream but if we’re honest, we much rather go without the work. We want the promises with little work and no pain so therefore we oftentimes don’t experience the fruit of gain. And yes, chasing your dreams can be hard, it can be overwhelming at times and there will be bumps that you didn’t anticipate but even for the trees and plants to produce a good harvest it too must go through its own process.


Take a moment and see how yourself in the tree. Whenever we want to accomplish something there is a system and process in which we must use to get the results we desire. In order for a tree to grow it needs a few things for nutrients, growth, and harvest. What do you need? We must find out what our process requires to reach the place of results. Once you can figure out the process then you know what to expect for your journey of nutrients, growth and harvest.


The 3 Areas for Results


1. Plant. Let’s look at the process of the way a plant first begins. There is a seed that has the potential to become a plant. You are a person with great potential. For the process of growth from a seed to become a plant, the seed first needs to be put into the right soil for it to get its nutrients, and grow so do you. Like a seed we too need the proper soil and nutrients which for us would come in the form of our environment.

Yes, where you live matters. The people you live around matters. What is said and done to you does play a huge role in your personal growth and development. The question you should ask yourself is, Is your environment conducive to your growth?

And are you surrounded around those who are helping to build you up or tear you down? These things matter and the lack of being in the right environment could cause a delay in your aim and efforts. That doesn’t make it impossible but it will be a lot more challenging to transform from the seed to a plant without the proper environment.

2. Growth. Harvest is the time everyone enjoys and for a good reason. It’s the time where you see the results of your hard work, your efforts, and your determination finally pays off. We love the time where we get to see the fruit or the return on our good stewarding. Growth is the reason we started and should be the root and foundation of anything we want in life. The stage of the process of doing anything is most rewarding when we come to the place of experiencing the results.

Often times we forget about the toiling, sweating, the laboring and everything that we didn’t enjoy once we begin to reach the place of promise. It is typically when we can see the growth that we have hope for the tree. Oftentimes it’s not until we can see results is when we can believe for more. When planting the seeds, the business, the career change, or the planning for the new move (or whatever that goal is for you) sometimes we simply have to trust the process.

What happens in life is when we don’t see the progress we expect, we tend to forfeit the race. Instead of quitting when you don’t reap the harvest, you expect, keep in mind that patience is vital and whatever the project or goal is, we must give it time to flourish into something greater then we may be able to see at that moment. Don’t miss out on something great judging your process prematurely.

3. Harvest. To reach the time to reap is a journey that many want but are not willing to pay the price for. Be willing to go through the hard parts of the process the reach your expected end. Remember the saying that anything worth having is worth fighting for? Well in the process of accomplishing anything this is still the case. While we desire to see the results and the harvest of our efforts, it is important to find ways to enjoy the process instead of obsessing over it.

Find those who can motivate you on your journey. Look for ways to possibly make the process more enjoyable. Stay focused by preparing as much as you can in your waiting stage. Waiting doesn’t necessarily mean being idle and not doing anything. You can do the things that can make your transition work out in your favor.

And remember, in due season and time you will get through the process but it will take the necessary perspective and you putting your energy in the things that you can change while not focusing on the things you can’t but pacing yourself during the process. Lastly, know that anything you dedicate yourself to is always going to be possible for you to achieve. Sometimes all takes is for us to be patient with ourselves and the journey.

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Your Purpose Coach,

Radrita James


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