Founder of Single And Empowered, an organization that empowers, inspires, and equips women to get unstuck, gain clarity on their vision and identity, and walk in their God-given purpose in life, ministry, and business.

Radrita, also challenges women to confront strongholds and firmly believes in and highlights the importance of inner healing and deliverance to help women resolve deeply rooted issues of their past through weekly bible study lessons/teachings on HOW to reach freedom from limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and more… to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

A youngest of four, an only child with a father from a 3rd world country (Jamaica), early challenges fitting in, and after years of suppressing her identity, dreams, and voice Radrita learned early lessons on the importance of embracing your “difference” and applies those in her heart-felt presentations empowering women to get clear on their identity, walk in their vision and live their dream.