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I want to be an Entrepreneur

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First Let’s Talk About This New Endeavor…


You have a business that you want to start and don’t know where to turn. You’ve done the research and watched the youtube videos and channels that talk about starting a business and it all seems like a fun plan and idea that you think you’re ready to embark upon. You are excited, ready to take a chance and risk.

But there’s just one thing. You don’t know exactly what type of business you want to start. You saw one site that on making soaps or maybe it’s not soap, it could be clothes, hair, or even a coaching program. Whatever it is you desire to do, you’ve considered it but it seems like a lot to learn, and your not sure which you’d enjoy doing the most. Like most people you may have watched so many youtube videos of selling different things that now you are totally confused as to where to start. Now your second-guessing if you even are capable of pursuing the idea to start your own business because of information overload.

Next, Can I Just Tell You, You Got What It Takes?

If this is you, I have good news. Relax. This is common for those who are in the beginning phase of wanting to be an entrepreneur. Deciding to become your own boss is a big deal and you should be excited that you decided to take a chance on yourself. I mean think about it. We take a risk on everything else, why not take a risk on ourselves? I remember when I first wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had so many thoughts of what could go wrong. I told everyone! The only thing is it had consumed so much information that I became lost. There was so much information online that I didn’t know where to start.

All the information I gathered was helpful but I experienced many challenges connecting the dots. I have come a long way from that day and I can still remember being so frustrated at the time spent on reading and researching different things I would possibly want to do that I lost focus on the original idea that I had and allowed the clutter of choices to distract me until I was so frustrated that I wanted to give up.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream, Purpose Queen

Deciding to be an entrepreneur is an incredible experience and one you won’t forget. I have learned a lot and come a long way in the entrepreneur world, and overtime so will you. Looking back there are some adjustments and tweaks I would most definitely make if I had to do all over again. Let’s go over a few things that you could do to make the turns on your entrepreneurial journey and road a little smoother.

2 Tips For New Entrepreneurs

  1. Balance. When I first started I don’t remember getting much rest. I exerted so much energy and time. I remember literally staying up all night trying to make my dream happen overnight. But now looking back on it if I had the balance I would have saved myself from the headache if I simply relaxed. It’s not a race to take your time and make sure you understand that no matter how hard you rush it, there is still a process that you can’t rush even if you tried.


Before I leave…

  1. Focus. Start with actually thinking about what you want in life and what you want to do and be. When I began my journey I went in without a solid plan. I allowed different ideas and other people’s agenda to change my focus not realizing I was closer to my goal and plan when I first started but it wasn’t long before I allowed all the information online and agendas of others to take me off course. When you have a dream stick with it and don’t allow the agendas of others to take you off track. There is a special purpose for your life and that assignment or calling is going to be something YOU are passionate about.

 One Last Takeaway

Lastly, if you are passionate about something it is a sign that this is something you might need to look into and explore. Walkthrough the process instead of expecting things to happen instantly. When I first decided to be an entrepreneur I was overwhelmed and quick because I wanted to be an overnight success. But I was not prepared.

There is a preparation process that should be experienced not rushed. There is a paste that should be more on the slow and steady side. There is no harm in pasting yourself but the real harm comes in when we have unrealistic expectations of how far and fast we should be progressing which could cause great disappointment if the goals are not reached.

If you don’t realize that there is a process that cannot be rushed then the process will eventually bring you to this reality. Enjoy your entrepreneurial endeavors and stay positive on your journey. Paste yourself and you’ll find that you will reach your goal more gracefully with perfect timing and less error and efforts.

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Signed Your Purpose Coach,


Radrita James

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