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I hate my Job!

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Tired of Working a Job I hate 

Over the years of being an employee, I have seen and felt the void that many experiences, in a position they were not meant to settle in. The reality is that there are many who love their jobs and functions as an employee without any care in the world while doing an exceptional job. On the other side of the scale are those who truly desire to have that wonderful experience yet haven’t and many don’t. We all know that being an employee is a great privilege, and better yet it teaches us good work ethics along with many other benefits. 

Despite the beauty of being a person who fits the position of an employee so well with grace, joy, peace, and happiness there is the other side of the scale of those who just simply don’t. Those are the ones who continuously feel that there is more that they could be doing in their life. They feel that there is more but often don’t know where to search for that more. 

Many times we find ourselves at an intersection of life wondering what direction we should take yet allow barriers to stop us from exploring the more that could be waiting for us on the other side of fear. Fear is the lingering thorn pressing in our sides that we have allowed to continuously hinder and hold us back beyond the necessity of needing a job or consistent income

The Necessity of Jobs

Having a job is necessary and plays a huge role in our lives in many ways; especially financially. But the most significant benefit of all is that the production of the position and the role we play as employees. The production we contribute to, keeps our economy rolling and evolving which is amazing. Jobs are the roots that help us to grow the fruit we need and desire. Meaning that jobs help us to obtain the things we want and need in life and is a beautiful gift when we are operating in the right position rather that is the Ceo, Secretary, or the Janitor.

While we know how valuable having a job is, the reality is that many of us are working at jobs we hate and have other dreams of what we want to do but are too afraid to take the risks required. I know because I too have been there. When we are not where we belong It can be mentally draining and frustrating. One of the biggest challenges is being in a place where we are not doing the work we love. 

Mental and Physical Pain Drainers:

Having a variety of jobs ranging from fast food to call-center and office jobs to warehouses I can honestly say I have been on both sides of the fence and understand what goes into different positions or what others are experiencing in the workplace. Over the course of my experiences working at these places, I was able to identify the jobs I didn’t like and why I didn’t enjoy them, quickly. The more I developed and worked on myself the more it became evident. The jobs we don’t like usually are the ones that provide us with some form of pain rather it’s mental, physical, or both. I call them “Pain Drainers.

Created With a Destiny

We struggle in life working jobs we hate based on many reasons, but when you are working a job you don’t like it could be a sign that you were created for more and the time could be near to transition or make a change.

What is Living a Life of Purpose?

Living a life of purpose is deep fulfillment, it’s happiness and freedom yet so many people never have an opportunity to experience it. We were all created for a specific purpose to operate in and key areas to function in on this journey called life. First, understand this, you were created and designed unique, and there is nothing about you a mistake. 

You are perfect for the purpose in which you were created for and when you find what that is will be the day it all begins to make perfect sense. The pain you may be experiencing in work or a position you’re currently in should be a sign or prompt, urging you to explore more. It could be meant to push you into the more that you were created for. 

Lost identity

Over the course of time as we grow through life as a child, by the time we reach adulthood we’ve taken in so many different opinions and worse, most of which are not necessarily true but based off a perspective, limited beliefs or personal standard of the person or people we look up to. We listen to what others think we should do in our careers, business, and in our lives as a whole. It is extremely easy to lost sight of who we are and what we want to do, who we want to be, and what we want to have. It’s time to discover who you are and find the thing that you were created to do before settling into a position you were not created to stay in. Let’s pick up the pieces to the puzzle of your identity and place them back together before you lost sight of what truly mattered to you. Let’s put the fish back in the water. When you discover yourself is the day you find your natural habitat.

Designed For Purpose

Understand that your identity, personality, and pain is important for what you are to become in life. The power of your identity has the potential to bring a great transformation in your life and the lives of others. Once you discover the purpose in which you were created, then there will be great doors of opportunity open to you according to the area you are destined to operate and function. 

Your thoughts, interest, heart’s desire, and pains all are important parts on your journey to do what you were created to do and matters. What you truly want in life is to find the work you love which in turn will bring the fulfillment you are seeking. While it may not be presented exactly the way you vision it to be, know that the things you desire are apart of what you can access and what you deserve. 

Did you know?

Did you know that everyone on the planet was created with special gifts and talents? Yes, you too were privileged with these gifts and talents, and once you discover them is when you can master them and eventually be accelerated in the dreams you have and plan to accomplish. 

Time and time again we see employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners doing work they enjoy or love. We see them put great work and effort into making sure the job or work functions effectively with joy, peace, and happiness. When you find joy in your work is when you know you’re on the right track. 

Last, your purpose is embedded inside who you are. An essential key to purpose comes once your ready to learn about yourself, get to the process, and put in the necessary time and attention into discovering who you are and reaching your potential.

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