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Content in purpose, ALONE?

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At the hotel as i watched the sunset began to go down I really began to do some soul searching. I began thinking about the necessary moves for the season of transition. I also began to think about the importance of obedience and enduring the hard places in life to get to the expected end.

Purpose queen, understand that just because you are walking in purpose and doing what you know you should be doing in whatever season you find yourself in, that when the day is ending each day, it will only be you there with your thoughts, emotions, and decisions. Destiny demands that you handle that. The old support or supplies (relationships) will not due for this season. This is new. This is the place of SHIFTING. This is the place of PROMISE. This is your NEW LAND.

(Exodus 33:1- God told Abram to leave his hometown)

Even when you are alone in silence your thoughts are still speaking. Memories of the chatter of that day begans to fade out. Reality is setting in. Now, you are there alone with YOU.

Typically when we find ourselves alone we tend to find distractions so that we can get out of our heads but in the season of transition there is no room for distractions. This is your time to think, plan and take action. It is time for you to listen-Hear what the father is saying to you.

The chatter of the day has to be put away. Time for your mind to be renewed. This is the season where your life is at the crossroads of decisions. In the season of breakthrough, it is vital to listen for the author of lives, voice. When you are in a place that is unfamiliar it can be a challenge to know your next steps if you don’t take control of your mind and emotions.

This is the place where God begins to reveal to you his heart and mind concerning you and your ability to hear his voice. In the season of being alone, it is also the place where you must exercise self-control. Because when we are in an uncertain place we tend to feel like Peter when he was walking on the water and can begin to doubt. Purpose queen, it is time to walk on the water.

Many women don’t get to this place due to not being aware of what they should be doing. Not being intentional is a sign of a lack of vision. Your vision is like your compass. It will lead you to your assignment.

Purpose queen, when you lack a vision for your life then you are like a leaf that blows in the wind with no destination. Worse, when you don’t know who you are or where you are going and are not actively pursuing your purpose then you can find yourself in a place of compromise, a place of distractions, or an idle place. It is time to master self-control to reach your place of promise.

(2 Corinthians 5:2 if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new.)

This is a new space. There is no time to miss out on the season to shift into all God has called you to. Know your “Why”. Be intentional about your seasons. As you ask yourself the vital questions while you are listening to hear the father, understand the importance of self-control. This is not a time to lean on the things that once supported you or that you once understood. It is a new unfamiliar time in your life. This is a time of walk-in faith to fulfill your purpose.

The real question is can you do it alone?

To help you get clear on your season and better navigate let’s go over a few questions you can ask yourself.

8 questions to ask yourself:

1. Who are you?

  • 2. What is your vision

3. Are your being intentional about your life with your actions?

5. Are you exercising self-control?

6. And are you blowing in the wind or marching down the path of your vision?

7. Do you know where you are going?

8. Are you willing to go ALONE?

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