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Avoiding Destiny Blockers

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Whenever we have an idea or an idea we first experience excitement but what do we do next? We tell everyone who will listen to us talk about it. We go around with so much excitement to a point that if our pet dog or cat could respond or talk we would even share it with him too. We call all our friends and family members and anyone else we can think to tell. And I know because I too have done the same thing when I first decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur.



I raved about my idea to start a business and told everyone around me. As soon as I got a call I told the person on the other side of the phone if the time permitted it. It’s not uncommon to feel excited and want to tell people about your wonderful ideas. We all expect and hope that people will be proud of us and even support us when we have an idea, a dream, or a vision to do better in life. And in a perfect world, everyone would celebrate with us and get on board to help us in any way they could. But the reality is that not everyone will.

It’s great that you have an idea and plan to start a new venture and do sometimes you are passionate about. It is amazing that you want to try something you’ve never done before. But the danger comes when we share these ideas with the wrong people. When we share our hopes and dreams with people we must understand that not everyone will support us or be on board and not allow that to discourage us from going forwards in pursuing those ideas.

Anytime you have an idea and you bring it to people who don’t have a vision then you put yourself in a vulnerable position. There are destiny blockers that come in many different forms. Some of them come in the form of comments, negative perspectives, and much more.

Although you have a dream or vision to do something it may not be the best idea to share it with everyone.

Those valuable ideas should be shared with those who will support and encourage you and believe in you. Your dream is not meant for everyone to understand nor will it always be something some people will support and that’s ok. Guard your ideas and don’t allow anyone to block you from shooting for the stars. Destiny blockers are not always the people who don’t know us but sometimes are the ones closest to us.

Stay true to your vision and the ideas you are passionate about. A Lot of times we allow what’s important to us to be stopped because we don’t get the advice or opinions we expected. If you want to accomplish anything thing make sure you are careful about where you share what could have the potential to produce the break you’ve been waiting for.

5 Things to do when you have an idea?

  •  Write it in a journal-The bible says to write the vision and make it plan. Just like with anything we want to be good stewards of what we want in life. When we want a harvest we understand the importance of sowing seeds and the same is true for anything we want to gain. There are things we must do to reach the end results we hope for.


  • Get someone with experience who can help you reach the goal– Before we learn how to cook we’ve seen someone do it which is how we learned or we had someone to walk us through the process. The same is true for any goal you want to reach in life. If you want piano lessons, you would get a piano instructor. Apply those same principles to your everyday life.


  • Believe in yourself and trust that you can do it– The number one fan you will ever have is yourself. When you believe that you can is when others will. Find a way to motivate yourself until you can believe it.


Last-Work on achieving it

Work on achieving it everyday– How do you eat an elephant? Eating an elephant seems pretty impossible I get it. Not that we would have taste for such an animal but if you were to eat one it would have to be broken down into bite-size pieces. Break your goals down into bite sizes and then tackle them little by little.


Just a few things

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Last-Welcome to the Tribe!



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