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Are you Ready for marriage?

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I believe that marriage is a beautiful gift that God allows us to experience. As women most of us have dreamed of the day that we are blessed with the man of our dreams. Since a little girl we have learned to play house. We learned what it should looks like when we are in our own relationship with the man we love. But there is more to marriage then the big house and the picket fence. And some times we can have an unhealthy view or crave to be married for reasons that tend to lean more to the human needs more than Kingdom needs. And you may ask “Drita, what do you mean by Kingdom?”

God is not as much concerned about our fleshly desires and urges as much as he is into us partnering with those who are assigned to our purpose. And the man that God sends you will compliment the very thing he has called you to DO. This is why it is vital that we become whole in our singleness so that we can get into alignment with what God has called us to do, be and have and be intentional to marry a man that can walk alongside us as we fulfil the call of God on our lives.

Purpose Queen, you are more than the extension that is created when you have a man and there is someone special God is going to send you in the right timing, especially once you know who you are and what he has called you to do. The question is are you willing to go through your unique process in your singleness as you allow the work to be done within, before God sends your Mr. right?

Sometimes we can so readily desire to be married that we overlook the importance of understanding the meaning of marriage, purpose, legacy and work of building the kingdom.

Your kingdom spouse will be busy walking in his purpose. Ruth met boaz while he was already walking in his purpose because he owned the fields she worked in which tells us that Boaz was a man of great vision which caused him to become a wealthy landowner. (Ruth 2:1 KJV)

4 Things that lead Ruth to meet Boaz


While Ruth experienced a hard time in her life for that season, she was still focused on doing what had to be done for that season of her life.


Noami’s daughter-n-law understood the necessary moves she needed to make to survive that season. The death of the men they loved caused them to have to relocate. Sometimes there are things that have to die before we can move into a new place or space (Bad relationships, old ways of thinking, bad habits, environments with no honor etc). This was a time of transitioning into the field of work, serving, or service (Purpose) for Ruth.

New Season:

And she recognized her resources for that season had dried up in the previous place which tells us Ruth was also decerning and wise to cling to Noami. Had she have left, she would of never met her boaz who had the resources and provision to sustain her for that season and the seasons to come.


Ruth was committed to stick with her mother-n-law although she told her to leave (Ruth 1:16). Noami’s willingness to allow Ruth to leave her knowing that would mean she would be alone and maybe in an even harder place emotionally after the passing of everything she loved, shows that this was an godly soul-tie between the two of them. Noami did not try to control Ruth to use as a crutch because she was hurting or for selfish reasons. And in the end, Ruth’s commitment to stay allowed her to experience the blessings that was attached to her connection to Noami.

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